Warom MENA Products

+5,500 Overwhelming Range of Explosion-proof Products

Listed as one of the two explosion-proof equipment manufacturers as IECEx Mark Committees, WAROM continues to gain strong brand recognition, supplying its first-class explosion-proof/weatherproof/maritime products to Oil Exploitation in land and offshore, Aerospace Industry, Military Industry, Oil Refinery to Fine Chemical,Heavy Industrial Smelt,Shipbuilding, Pharmaceutical Industry and beyond.

Manufactured To The Highest Standards

Managed by international standards, quality guarantee system and international management system, WAROM prides itself in having more than +220 ATEX and IECEx certifications, highest standards applied for hazardous location products, allowing full access to global market. At present, the industrial park established by WAROM Technology in Shanghai is the largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus production base in China, as well as one of the top five largest explosion-proof mass production bases in the world.

ATEX-approved explosion proof plugs and sockets

Electrical plugs and sockets are important to power equipment and appliances. But using low-cost plugs and socket will not only affect the performance of the equipment but potentially damage it in the long run. Which is why investing in state-of-the-art explosion proof plugs and sockets is necessary.

WAROM Technology provides clients, businesses, and individuals durable and safe electrical equipment and apparatus. Our ATEX-approved explosion-proof sockets are used by a number of industries, companies, and homes.

Wide options of ex socket lines and plugs

Electrical appliances and equipment require different kinds of plugs and sockets to work properly. Depending on the voltage required, you need to look for explosion-proof plugs that would power up these equipment yet protect them from potential electrical overload.

Our line of ATEX-approved ex socket lines can guarantee that appliance will be able to run smoothly and efficiently with less chance of exploding due to an electrical surge. Our products have gone through intensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that these equipment will work as they should be. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we try to comply with the existing safety standards to ensure that our equipment is safe for home and business use.

Reliable supplier of top ex socket lines

Here at WAROM Technology, we stand by our commitment to serving clients and providing them with the best equipment they require for their machinery to run and for their operation to commence smoothly as possible.

Apart from providing a catalogue of products and components, we ensure that our clients will get the components and equipment they require, whenever they need it. Our dedicated staff will take note of their requirements and recommend the best products that match their project specifications and needs.

Power your equipment with the right component

Browse through our line of top-of-the-line sockets and plugs and related components. If you have any questions about our company and line of products, contact us on +971-04-8821048 or send us a message through our online contact form.