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+5,500 Overwhelming Range of Explosion-proof Products

Listed as one of the two explosion-proof equipment manufacturers as IECEx Mark Committees, WAROM continues to gain strong brand recognition, supplying its first-class explosion-proof/weatherproof/maritime products to Oil Exploitation in land and offshore, Aerospace Industry, Military Industry, Oil Refinery to Fine Chemical,Heavy Industrial Smelt,Shipbuilding, Pharmaceutical Industry and beyond.

Manufactured To The Highest Standards

Managed by international standards, quality guarantee system and international management system, WAROM prides itself in having more than +220 ATEX and IECEx certifications, highest standards applied for hazardous location products, allowing full access to global market. At present, the industrial park established by WAROM Technology in Shanghai is the largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus production base in China, as well as one of the top five largest explosion-proof mass production bases in the world.

Superior & Affordable Explosion Proof Light Fittings in Dubai, UAE

A light fitting is essential to a number of businesses. A trusted emergency caution light can provide temporary lighting in the event of a power breakdown. Even living spaces need light to help homeowners move around the house with convenience when their lights and power got busted. But ordinary lighting equipment might not be able to withstand extreme conditions like extreme heat and temperature. With these kinds of environments, you might require the use of a first-rate ex proof light fittings to light your space. WAROM Technology offers clients a top-of-the-line selection of electrical and lighting equipment for industrial and residential use.

Wide-range of Certified Explosion Proof Light Fittings in the UAE

As an accredited explosion proof lighting company in Dubai, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients, especially when it comes to space lighting. Here at WAROM Technology, we offer customers a broad selection of ex proof lighting for various applications. Whether you are looking for a caution spotlight fitting or emergency lighting. As one of the recognised explosion proof lighting suppliers in the UAE, we always guarantee that the products we provide are of high-quality. We utilize the latest manufacturing technology and use the highest quality of materials to manufacture and produce our equipment. We partner with trusted component suppliers to have access to superior-grade materials for our line of products. Our products undergo rigid quality assurance and testing before they are released for distribution.

One of the Leading Explosion Proof Light Suppliers in the UAE

WAROM Technology is not just a supplier of electrical equipment and fittings. We strive to service different industries and provide them with the best equipment they need to address their needs. As of current, we are one of the explosion proof lighting manufacturers in Dubai that offers the widest range of ATEX & IECEx certified equipment for various usage and application.

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