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+5,500 Overwhelming Range of Explosion-proof Products

Listed as one of the two explosion-proof equipment manufacturers as IECEx Mark Committees, WAROM continues to gain strong brand recognition, supplying its first-class explosion-proof/weatherproof/maritime products to Oil Exploitation in land and offshore, Aerospace Industry, Military Industry, Oil Refinery to Fine Chemical,Heavy Industrial Smelt,Shipbuilding, Pharmaceutical Industry and beyond.

Manufactured To The Highest Standards

Managed by international standards, quality guarantee system and international management system, WAROM prides itself in having more than +220 ATEX and IECEx certifications, highest standards applied for hazardous location products, allowing full access to global market. At present, the industrial park established by WAROM Technology in Shanghai is the largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus production base in China, as well as one of the top five largest explosion-proof mass production bases in the world.

WAROM MENA – The Leading Manufacturer Of Explosion Proof Motor Starters In Dubai

Safety is key for just about every industry and sector out there. This particularly holds true for industries like aerospace, oil and drilling, electrical, chemical and mining amongst many other wherein a single spark can lead to destruction. To minimize the risk of short circuits and sparks, these industries resort to the utilization of explosion-free electrical apparatus. If you are interested in ex-proof apparatus, like an explosion proof motor starter in Dubai, then allow us to welcome you to WAROM Technology MENA FZCO, a world class manufacturer and supplier of top grade ex proof apparatus and appliances.

We Provide Superior Quality Explosion Proof Motor Starters in Dubai & Across MENA

With our parent company WAROM Technology holding 31 years of outstanding experience to its credit, we take utmost pride in offering an entire line-up of ex-proof motor starters that guarantee protection against internal explosions in the most extreme environments.

The Most Extensive Range Of Products You Can get Your Hands On

The aim behind our establishment is to introduce the Middle East and North Africa region to the excellent product line that WAROM Technology has to offer. As such, we boast of the most extensive collection of explosion-proof products that are currently in use by top-tier names, like SHELL, Samsung C&T (Korea), and KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company) across 50 countries in the world.

With our belief of “Safety & Satisfaction Above All”, we are proud to announce that every single product that we offer is manufactured through a process that is in accordance with the ISO9001 and ATEX EN13980. Not only that, with about 230 ATEX and IECEX certifications, all of our products are globally recognized and fulfill all our clients’ varying specifications.

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